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Join us on a relaxed and friendly wine tour around some of Marlboroughas finest vineyards and wineries. You will be guided by an Expert Guide, who for 11 years has grown organic chardonnay for Blanc de Blancs. 

Discover the history and methods of viticulture and winemaking in the Marlborough region “ the first plantings, early mistakes, how and when to prune, avoiding frost damage, harvesting, fermentation, organic growing, new styles and trends 

  • There is no set itinerary
  • Each wine tour is flexible and adaptable so feel free to request wineries or styles of wine of your own choice
  • With negotiation within the group each wine tour can be adapted to your requests. Or if you prefer, we can suggest wineries that match your preference in wine style or ambience
  • With over 40 tasting rooms to choose from no 2 wine tours are the same
  • Small Wine Tour group size (max 11 persons)
  • Flexible itinerary to suit the wishes of the group
  • Friendly knowledgeable guide
  • Door-to-door service
  • All tasting charges are included in these prices
  • Private tours arranged on request *

How long does the tour last ?

A Full Day Wine Tour starts with a 10am pick up from your accommodation. Lunch is at a vineyard restaurant (at your own cost) or if you prefer you can bring your own picnic. An afternoon wine tour starts at 13:00pm. Both tours finish sometime after 17pm with a drop off at your accommodation. All tastings are included 

How many wineries do you visit ?

That depends very much on the group. The time at each winery varies depending on the size of the group and how much chatting goes on.  The pace is set by the group, not by any pre-planned schedule.  However, as a general rule, an Afternoon wine tour might cover 5 wineries, a full day wine tour up to 8 wineries

Can we request a particular winery ? 

Absolutely! Talk to us at the start of the tour and make sure you mention places that you want included.  They may not all be possible, some cellar doors have limited opening hours, some wineries do not have tasting rooms and there may be more requests than time available.

Which wines can we expect to sample ?

Marlborough has become world renowned for its Sauvignon Blanc and about 70% of Marlborough’s wine production is Sauvignon Blanc.However a number of other varieties are grown here, particularly the aromatic whites “ Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Gris.Chardonnay also grows well here.Pinot Noir is the only red grape that does consistently well in the Marlborough climate but some wineries are growing Merlot, Malbec, Montepulciano.A number of wineries produce sparkling wines and many produce dessert wines.You can expect to have the opportunity to sample most, if not all, of these varieties on a tour.

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