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Why we love South American Wineries with The Wine Experience

Carmenere is the flagship grape from Chile and really thrives there. Santiago Chile Tourism is on the up and now there are Day Tours from Santiago including Tours from Santiago and Wine Tours Colchagua plus Santiago Wine Tours. The journey of exploring the best South America Wines does not end here. Production of Wines has been drastically increased in the past few years. Now, the winemakers are dedicatedly working to make wines from the oldest vines. Taste 5 amazing South American Wines via Chile Tours or Private Tours in Argentina or visit the Santiago Wine Region go on a Chile Wine Trail to Maipo Valley with Best Chile Tours or Santiago Tours for the best wine experience.

Alamos Malbec

Alamos Mendoza Malbec aka Wines of Argentina is very well priced amongst Malbec Wine Prices. It’s a great wine top be enjoyed with family and friends. It’s named after the “alamos trees” in Mendoza, Argentina. Malbec is great for parties and get-to-gathers. If you want to visit Catena join Mendoza Wine Tours or Malbec Wine Tours where you will taste a variety of Malbec Wine Brands or buy wine online. Join us on a Wine Tasting holiday, where you will get a great wine package or wine deal including a wine tasting gift.

Taste Carmenere with Chile Tours:

Join Best Chile Tours for a wine adventure, where you will visit Best Chile Wineries and get a great feel for Tourism in Santiago, Chile. I would highly recommend Wine Tours Colchagua, which is about 2 hours from Santiago. If you want to taste wines in Santiago go to Boca Nariz. Learn the story about Carmenere at Wine Folly or take a WSET course or go on Chile Holidays & Tours!

Uruguay Tannat & Albarino

Uruguay Tourism is growing. Now you can go on an Uruguay Wine Trip with The Wine Experience. Tannat grape is now known as the healthiest red wine in the world, due to the seeds and skins having antioxidants, polyphenols, and resveratrol. If you love White wine, then you must taste Uruguayan Albarino, which is a delicious wine with bags of fruit. Albarino is originally from the northwest of Spain in Galicia, which produces highly opulent wines with aromas of stone fruits like apricots and peaches similar to Viognier and Gewürztraminer. Recommended Wine Tours in Uruguay are best in Montevideo, where you can have a Montevideo Wine Tasting sponsored by Wines of Uruguay, who promote Uruguay Wine Tours. Bodega Bouza was the first winery to plant Albarino in South America. Uruguay Tannat goes best with grass-fed meats including rack of lamb, whereas Albarino pairs well with salads or seafood. Recommended Wine Tours in Uruguay focus on Bodega Garzón, Bodega Bouza, Juanico, Pizzorno, Pisano & Carrau. Uruguay wine is on the up and the Tannat grape is getting lots of attention worldwide. Look for keywords like Guided Tours to Wineries, Uruguay, Wine Tours Montevideo, Wine Tasting Montevideo, Uruguay Wines to know more!

Most famous wineries and wine regions in South America:

Mendoza, Argentina:

Cheval de Los Andes make the best Malbec Wine. Other famous wineries producing Malbec Wine Brands are Catena, Polenta Estate, Zuccardi, Archival Ferrer, Caro, Bodega La Azul, Al Passion, Monteviejo, Diamondes, Mariflor, Ciuvlier de Los Andes and Clos de Los Siete is where you can find Best Argentinean Malbec, Organic Wine, Best Malbec Wines in Mendoza, Argentina. You could also buy wine online at great Malbec wine prices. Enquire more with Mendoza Wine Tours.

Canelones, Montevideo, Uruguay:

You can purchase Uruguay wine at wineries or at Carrasco airport in duty-free. Uruguay Tourism is at it’s best. Join Uruguay Wine Tours or go to a Montevideo Wine Tasting. Best supplier is  The Wine Experience, who can take you to wineries like Bodega Carrau, Spinoglio, Bodega Artesana, Bodega Marichal or Castillo Viejo close to Pisano & Pizzorno Wine Estate. There you will taste the best expressions of Tannat grape on your Uruguay Wine Trip. 

Maipo Valley, Casablanca Valley & Colchagua Valley:

Latin America’s largest winegrower, Concha y Toro in Maipo Valley produces one of the most widely recognized lines in the world, ‘Casillero del Diablo.’ It is one of Chile’s oldest wineries, founded in 1883 by the formidably named Don Melchor Santiago de Concha y Toro. The line named in his honor, Don Melchor, is an outstanding and renowned Cabernet Sauvignon. Visit their winery, located an hour outside of Santiago, for tours and tasting sessions, including a foray into the Casillero del Diablo– the Devil’s Cellar – itself. Budget permitting, try one of their Don Melchor Cabernet Sauvignons for a truly special wine. Chile Tours, Wine Tours Colchagua, Santiago Tours, Day Tours Santiago, Tours from Santiago, Santiago Chile Tourism are best operators to take you!

Viu Manent, located in the Colchagua Valley, has been running for 80 years and produces a small range of stylish wines. El Incidente named after an eventful hot-air balloon trip taken by one of the family members is a blend of Carmenère, Petit Verdot and Malbec. Meanwhile, the blends that make up their ‘Secreto’ range are, as the name suggests, a carefully guarded secret. Visits to their winery include an atmospheric trip around the vineyards in a horse-drawn carriage, along with food and wine tasting.

The Casablanca Valley was devastated by an earthquake in 2010. The region’s burgeoning wine scene was badly affected, but it has bounced back in style and Loma Larga is one of the wineries leading the push towards international fame. It is a relatively new operation, with its first wines produced in 2004, yet it won Wine and Spirits’ 2011 ‘Winery of the Year’ prize. Try its celebrated 2010 Cabernet Franc, or an earlier specimen if you can get your hands on it. Best Chile Tours can take on a Wine Tasting holiday!


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