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Amazing Wine Destinations in Europe with The Wine Experience

A glass of Wine can tell you a story of the different wine regions and wineries in Europe when made with minimal use of oak.  Best way to experience European Wine Tours is to go on a Wine Tasting Holiday with a Wine Tasting Company. Discover the Best Wine Destinations including wineries and vineyards near you, where you will taste top wines at the very best wine deals and wine packages.

Bordeaux – France

If you want to taste top wines at a Wine Chateau in Bordeaux, France, then look no further than Pomerol, where they make excellent Merlot wine. Left bank of Bordeaux is more famous for Cabernet Sauvignon. You could also take a Bordeaux River Cruise, where Bordeaux wine prices are great. French wine country is best visited in autumn or during wine harvest. Wine Tours France is a must., where you will taste good Bordeaux wine.  You can visit Bordeaux city by car or via a Wine Tasting holiday. You can visit the colonial town of Saint Emilion, where you will taste delicious Merlot wine including great expressions of Cabernet Sauvignon at various Wine Chateau’s. Bordeaux Wine Trips, Bordeaux Wine Tours, France Tours, Culinary Tours France, European Wine Tours are all Wine Tasting Companies, who can take you on an adventure with The Wine Experience.

Champagne – France

Champagne wine is globally renowned for its high-quality Champagne vineyards, where you can taste great tasting champagne with Best Tasting France, who have been around for a long time.  If you want to discover Great tasting champagne go on Best Champagne Tours based in Reims. You could also hire a guide with Champagne Tours France to the best champagne region and vineyards , where you can taste champagne at champagne houses like Verve Clicquot, Pol Roger, Bollinger, Louis Roederer & Tattinger.

Loire Valley – France

Loire Valley Wine Tours is a must and best to do a Loire Valley Trip or a Food & Wine Tour, where you will taste Chenin blanc wine with Best Loire Valley Tours. A wine tour of Nantes, Sancerre or Vouvray is ideal, due to it’s incredible diversity in Loire Valley. In addition, you will also get the chance to learn about the culture and historic heritage of the area. Loire white wine is delicious. Tours Loire Valley France can take you to best wineries and vineyards near you. Loire Valley Trip can take 3 days. The perfect place to buy the best Loire white wine is at the wineries themselves. Another amusing Loire white wine you can try besides sauvignon blanc is Chenin Blanc. This wine is available in different styles like sweet (Bonnezeaux AOC or Coteaux Du Layon AOC), dry ( Savennieres AOC) and the sparkling Wines ( Cermant De Loire or Saumur Sparklings). In your Loire Valley Trip, make sure to visit the Saumur and Anjou to have the best Cabernet Franc Wines and Chinon region to try the Sultry Red Wine.

Lyon – France

Taste top wines with Lyon Wine Tours or plan your own Wine Tasting holiday to regions that focus on rose wine. Lyon’s French white wine and Rose wine are the ultimate wines for a social gathering. One of the most distinct wines you must try is in Beaujolais, who produce the famous Gamay Grape.  This festive, lively wine is easy to drink and the first choice by locals for their get to gathers. Also, must visit Rotie Vineyards, where you will taste great French White wine prepared from Syrah Grapes and perfectly paired with Red meats and cheeses.

Burgundy – France

Some of the best and delicious wines come from the Burgundy region of France. You must try White Burgundy wine made from the Chardonnay Grape. Burgundy Wine Tours are in fashion. Day Tours from Paris also offers this wine experience. Dijon Wine Tours offer Food & Wine Tours to the region and well known for wine tasting and tours. Wines that belong to the wider Burgundy region are referred to as Bourgogne Wine, whereas some of the best wine comes from the Cote d’Or.  The key Burgundy red wines come from Nuits-St-Georges, Gevry-Chambertin, Chambolle- Musigny, Pommard, Beaune, and Volnay.

Paris – France 

Wine Tours Paris is the most well-known operator. Paris day trips depart every day or go on a Paris City Tour or Paris Sightseeing Tour. Paris Food Tours are now very popular. If you want to go on a wine tour you need to take Paris to Burgundy ticket. There are also many wine bars in Paris that offer wine tastings. Best Wine Tasting in Paris is offered by Wine Tours Paris.

Santorini, Greece

Santorini is the most attractive island in Europe and the most unique wine region in Greece. It also has the most ancient vineyards in Europe. If you want to try the crisp Assyrtiko White Wines and the amazing Sweet Dessert Wines then you must plan ahead with European Wine Tours.

 They make authentic top wines with big flavors. Join us on a Wine Tasting Holiday for a truly unforgettable experience, where you will taste top wines at the best deals. We have great wine packages and also offer wine tasting gifts!


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