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The Cooking Classes we organize takes place in one of the most exclusive and private  gastronomic clubs in the heart of the Old Quarter or in a very well known local restaurant. Always with very well recognized chefs and professionals, we do our best to make you feel as a top local chef preparing some of the most famous pintxos of San Sebastian or preparaing a delicious Basque traditional lunch: Rice with lobster, Kokotxas in the Green Sauce, Bacalao al pil-pil, some local fishes, meats if you prefer traditional desserts  as the Pantxineta..and so on.  We know how important is to interact with the locals to understand better this gentle culture  and this is our aim, that you feel the real thing meeting locals in their habitat, and enjoying a real experience.

The day normally begins  visiting the Central Market of La Bretxa where we´ll meet local farmers and producers  to learn all about the local products. After buying some of the products we´ll need for our lunch or dinner we´ll head through the most important streets of the Old Quarter (stopping and learning about the history of this pretty city and admiring the most important buildings). History class to learn better about the Basque people and this ancient culture.

Once we get into our destination,time to put on our aprons and enjoy a real experience in the kitchen with our chef and the locals that could be there that day.  I can promise, this event is something you will always remember , and not only as a a cooking activity.  I promise.

After our work in the kitchen, it will be time to enjoy the fruit of our labour.


Our cooking classes could be private or you could join a group of maximum 10 people.

Start time: 10.00hrs for Lunch or 18.00hrs for dinner

Duration: 5 hours

Group size: Could be private, only for your group(minimum of 2 people) or joining a group of maximum 10 people

Price: Please send us an email below letting us know if you want a private or a group class.



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