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Why we love Food & Wine Cruises by Cruise Critic

Cruise ships offer a variety of ways to relax, explore, and indulge onboard. With the increasing popularity of wine-themed cruises, many passengers are turning their attention to the unique experiences that wine can offer during an unforgettable voyage.

If you’re considering a wine-themed cruise, there are many ways to enjoy the world of wine while on the open seas. From onboard sommelier-led tastings, to expertly curated wine lists with both familiar and exclusive selections, to touring wineries at various cruise ports around the world, there’s something for every oenophile.

Onboard most ships you will find extensive wine lists featuring a variety of labels from well-known and less familiar producers. And because some wines can be harder to find outside of their region of origin, having access to them on your cruise ship can be an exciting way to explore new wines. Many cruises also offer customized tastings hosted by knowledgeable sommeliers who can provide information about each wine selection and answer questions.

And if you’d like to learn more about how different types of wines are made or experience the culture that accompanies specific regions or vineyards, many cruise lines offer excursions that provide an in-depth look at these elements. For example, some may offer visits to wineries and vineyards along with food tastings and even transportation included in the price. Visiting various ports during your trip also provides opportunities for more personalized experiences such as visiting local farms or quaint towns famous for their wines.

Whether you’re a seasoned sommelier or just beginning your exploration into the world of wine, cruising provides an unparalleled opportunity to taste and learn about various types without having to leave the comfort of your cruise ship and its availability can vary depending on the type of cruise ship you choose. Cruise ships typically focus on specific regions or countries when it comes to their onboard selection. For example, some ships may focus exclusively on wines from Italy, so passengers can expect plenty of reds and whites from this area of the world in addition to other varieties such as sparkling wines.

When considering a cruise that offers wine excursions, there are several things to keep in mind. Many cruise ports allow you to visit local wineries for special tastings and even purchase bottles to take home with you as souvenirs. When choosing excursions related to wine tasting, be sure to inquire about what kind of experience each one offers so you can be prepared ahead of time with any questions or special requests that you may have. Additionally, many ports provide sightseeing tours where passengers can learn more about the history and culture behind a particular region’s wines while taking in stunning views along the way.

If your goal is simply to enjoy a glass or two with dinner every evening, most ships will accommodate this request without issue. Depending on your tier level or cabin type, complimentary drinks may even be included! Onboard sommeliers are also available for those who want additional guidance when selecting their beverage for the evening; they are experts at pairing wines with different types of cuisine and helping guests find new favourites that they’ll never forget!

Wine enthusiasts have the perfect opportunity to explore their favourite tipple in style while on board a cruise ship. With knowledgeable sommeliers available to advise, guests are guaranteed to find something that suits their taste with ease. Onboard wine options generally range from everyday drinking wines to high-end luxury labels, as well as locally-sourced regional varieties.

Cruise ships often offer special wine excursions like The Wine Experience for those who want more than just a glass of wine with dinner — wine tours and tastings at local wineries or vineyards are popular experiences among passengers. These immersive experiences allow you to try an array of different types of wine, and visit charming cellars and wineries.

In addition to these special activities, many ships will also hold themed events throughout the cruise such as champagne and oyster tastings (a particular favourite!), cheese and wine pairings or “wine safaris” where you can experience exclusive vineyards not available through regular tour operators. Such occasions provide an unforgettable chance to learn about the local wines, perfect your palate and create some delicious food memories!


1. Mediterranean Wine and Food Cruise: The perfect combination of delicious food and amazing wines, this cruise embarks from Barcelona and stops at some incredible ports. Along with a selection of wines from different regions, the passengers can also enjoy some amazing gastronomic experiences in France, Italy and Spain. Sample delectable dishes such as seafood paella in Barcelona, freshly caught fish on the French island of Corsica, or the savoury lasagne alla Bolognese in Italy. At each port, you will have a chance to visit prestigious wineries and taste some of their best vintages.

2. Chilean Wine Tasting Tour: Perfect for those who wish to experience South American wines in their natural environment, this tour will take you to some of Chile’s most famous wine regions like Elqui Valley and Colchagua Valley. You’ll sample wines from renowned producers such as Concha Y Toro and Casablanca Valle, explore charming vineyards and rustic cellars, as well as observe traditional winemaking processes that are unique to this region. Enjoy the thrill of tasting their latest vintages directly from the barrel!

3. South African Winelands Cruise: An opportunity to explore both Cape Town and Durban while experiencing some of South Africa’s finest wine-making traditions! This cruise embarks from Durban and will take you through breathtaking landscapes along the country’s eastern coastline. Experience local flavors such as Riesling, Pinotage, Cabernet Sauvignon or Chenin Blanc while visiting top-notch wineries like Bloemendal Estate & Winery or La Motte Estate & Vineyards. Don’t forget to try out some locally made cheese platters and freshly baked bread!

4. Greek Islands Wine Cruise: Explore historical sites while sampling exquisite local wines! This tour starts off in Piraeus (Athens) before sailing around the Aegean Sea for an unforgettable journey across four magical islands – Mykonos, Syros, Santorini & Crete – which represent centuries of winemaking tradition between them! On board, you’ll be able to taste regional specialities such as Assyrtiko & Malagouzia alongside classic Greek dishes at various wine tastings or restaurants throughout your tour.

5. Australian Wine Regions Cruise: With departure ports located in Adelaide or Brisbane this trip will take you along Australia’s stunning east coast with plenty of opportunities for sampling delicious local wines along the way! Visit acclaimed vineyards such as Clare Valley Wines in Adelaide Hills or Tyrell’s Wines near Port Macquarie whilst indulging in fine international cuisine prepared by master chefs during meals onboard the ship. Expect superb value for money with several entry-level options available if planning to bring friends along too!

Our Wine Excursions won’t take you to commercial wineries, unlike most options available when cruising. Whether you’re with The Yachts of Seabourn, Crystal, Silversea, Regent, Norwegian Cruise Line, Azamara, Celebrity, Infinity, Sea Dream, Royal Caribbean, Cunard, or any other liners, rest assured that you’re in the right place. 


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