My Philosophy

welcome to the wine experienceI believe that the winemaking process starts in the vineyard, and that wine should always reflect the environment where it comes from with strong emphasis on low yields and ripe grapes. I prefer white wines that are made naturally, fresh, fruity and vibrant fermented in stainless steel and with clever use of barrel, so that the wines are not over-manipulated by the oak. I also love red wines that are made with no fining or filtration, so that the wines do not lose any of its good qualities, which so often happens if stripped of their typicity, terroir, personality and flavor which can have a negative effect on the wines bouquet, richness, body and potential for development.

I am a professional Sommelier and nothing brings me more happiness, than wines that have the ability to please the palate, hold the tasterís interest, offer intense aromas and flavors, taste better with each sip, improve with age, display singular personalities and have the ability to reflect their place of origin.

There are many wonderful wineries that produce wines of great power and weight, but yet have there own individual winemaking philosophy. They are extremely professional and all come from different backgrounds, but there overall objective is dedicated to the pursuit of greatness, and their energy, hearts, commitment, and talents are reflected in wines of singular personality and achievement. The best wineries originate from well-placed vineyards with microclimates favorable to specific types of grapes that emphasize low yields and ripe fruit. They all share a passion to produce wines that define their singular qualities, their aromas and their flavors and textures.