Plan your Wine Tour to the Best Wineries in Uruguay, Mendoza, Chile, Napa Valley, South Africa, Portugal, Austria and Italy. Pick a Top 10 Wine Tour Destination with The Wine Experience!


Join us on a Wine Tour in Montevideo & Punta del Este in Uruguay, where you will be guided by an expert guide, who will take you to the best wineries, where you will get to meet owners face to face for a more personal experience. This will allow you to get a Real Feel of Uruguay and how the vintners make their wines. We also offer Bespoke Wine Tours in Mendoza and Personalized Wine Tours in Chile. If you would like to get to know 2 wine destinations, why not join us on a 9 Day South American Wine Tour, where we will focus on the best of Mendoza, Buenos Aires & Uruguay! This will allow you to taste the best Malbec from Mendoza and a wide variety of wines in Uruguay including the famous Tannat grape now known as the healthiest red wine in the world.



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